Tips to teach your kids how to care about their teeth’s health

All parent wants their kid to be a good man or woman, we want them to grow strong and healthy enough to face any problem in life on their own, and taking good care of their teeth it’s the start of all that. Teaching them good dental hygiene habits will help them to learn about responsibilities and to have a beautiful smile, avoiding diseases that can leas to tooth decay in the process.

Experts suggest that children should visit the dentist office at their first year or so for a check up to consult about early preventive care. This will start to teach them good about the fundamentals of dental care habits, and will also help you to save you money, as dental treatment is 40% less expensive for kids.

Especially in Mexico, so maybe it is a great idea to invest in a dental vacation to the dental capital of the world, Los Algdones. They have the best prices and the top quality services, costing about 80% less than getting dental treatment in the United States and Canada.


Speaking of teaching great dental hygiene habits, it is also a good idea to take your time to teach your kids about how to brush their teeth. Teaching them proper brushing techniques it is so much important to create memories and bonds with them, don’t forget to also teach them to always wash their toothbrush after using it!


Creating some sort of plan or schedules for them to teach them about habits and consistence it’s also great for their teeth’s health. It can be something simple like brushing twice a day or after every meal, flossing before bedtime so they can start to avoid common dental problems like gingivitis.

If you have babies and want to clean their gums and little teeth, you can gently brush their gum very softly using a very soft toothbrush, kinda like a massage. After their first teeth emerge you can still brush them regularly until they are old enough to hold a toothbrush on their own and then you can teach them how to brush their teeth.


Another good tip to help you take care of your children teeth is to avoid letting them cling to their bottle with juices, milk or other sugary drinks. This is a bad idea because it creates a perfect environment to let bacteria to grow on their mouth, causing them tooth decay.


But being a good parent means that you should control their usage of the sippy cup, so avoid letting them to sip all day. Try to use these drinks as a treat, as we mentioned above giving them too much can cause tooth decay in the future.


The same advice can be applied to their medication, many of them comes really flavored and sugary for making it easier for they to take them. Making sure that the meds doesn’t stick on their little teeth will help to avoid the chances of suffering from cavities too.


Another important pointer it’s to take care about their use of the pacifier. The prolonged use of the pacifier can ruin your children’s teeth by shaping them horribly, it can even change deform their entire mouth, so be very careful and remove their pacifier by the age of 3, asi is suggested by most dentists.

Be firm and consistent about your children dental hygiene habits, an example of this is to don’t let them go to bed before brushing their teeth. You have to make them believe that they don’t have any other choice and this will require a lot of patience, but remember to always be calm when instructing them how to brush, floss and rinse their mouth,


One of the best advices it to let them choose the toothpaste they want to use when brushing. This simple tip will encourage them to brush their teeth more frequently because they’ll feel pretty happy and entitled with the choice they made.


Also, making activities and giving some kind of prize or treat for completing their dental hygiene by the end of the day, such making a chart and giving them points or stars will keep them motivated to brush their teeth.

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