The best brushing techniques to clean your teeth

Brushing is your teeth is one of the most important hygiene habits we learn when we are kids. And it is a pretty huge deal that we brush our teeth everyday if we want to have a beautiful, shining white smile. Besides by brushing constantly we protect our teeth, which help us to talk and eat properly, from nasty diseases like as bad breath, gingivitis that can lead ultimately to teeth loss, and nobody wants to lose their teeth.

Expert dentist suggest their patients that brushing their teeth at least 2 times a day, especially after every meal, we ensure that to get rid from any type of food residues that can accumulate in our mouth. What we really want by doing this is to eliminate the bacterium that comes with the food debris that can cause cavities and other diseases like we said before. So by using the proper brushing technique we can reach every place of the mouth, cleaning every corner and keeping our teeth nice and clean.


We can start by classifying the different types of brushing techniques according their type of movement, and then we will describe them more properly. So buckle up and stay tune for some of the best brushing techniques!


Ok! So, motion first. In first place we have the horizontal reciprocating motions, followed by vertical sweeping brushing technique, rotatory brushing technique and vibratory motion. It is important to take in mind that each one has its own individual trick, it’s like knowing a lot of martial arts of brushing technique at your reach that allows you to keep your teeth spotlessly clean.


Let´s review them together one by one, shall we?


The Horizontal Scrub Method


This scrubbing method is the one of the most used because it’s so easy to use and its get the teeth very well clean effectively. It consist on holding onto your favorite tooth brush and just place the bristles horizontally, then you can proceed to brush carefully left and right, in a horizontal fashion. Remember to avoid ding it so fast and aggressive because you can end up damaging to your teeth and gums pretty badly in the long run.


The Bass Method


The Bass method it’s also pretty easy to learn. It will be enough just pointing the bristles of your tooth brush diagonally. Try to point it 45 degrees between your gums and teeth, then proceed to vibrate the toothbrush back and forth, trying to do short strokes ten to fifteen times in each tooth before moving to the next one. This brushing technique is perfect for removal the coat of plaque that can stick to the enamel.


The Stillman’s Brushing Technique


This technique is highly recommended for people with some kind of gingival disease or gum recession. Being similar to the Bass technique, the only big difference is that you have to apply short horizontal strokes instead of vertically with light pressure, and that’s it.


The Charter’s Brushing Technique

This one is really cool for people using orthodontics, especially for cleaning between each tooth. In the Charter brushing technique, you want to place the bristles really close to the gums, aiming at 45 degrees close to the long axis of the tooth, and finally you gently brush back and forth adding a vibratory motion.


The Fone’s Brushing Technique


Basically the most common circular brushing technique ever. This is one is the simplest but one of the less effective of the brushing techniques. You just have move the toothbrush in a circular manner, trying to cover the entire teeth surface if you can, it doesn’t get simpler than that. The most important thing is to do it steady and slow to clean properly all the teeth.

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Don’t forget to consider applying more than technique, feeling free to experiment and use all of them to clean your teeth to keep them really healthy. By combining them you’ll get better results and create the foundation to a better dental hygiene too!


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