How to deal with your Bad Breath

It is incredible the numerous people that are so lazy and uninformed about dental hygiene. It seems that they don’t care or are overconfident about cleaning their teeth that they don’t brush enough and avoid taking care overall, which can develop a really bad breath that can scare anyone whenever they open their mouth.


That is one reason alone to work on oral hygiene, to prevent people from running away from you. Besides, if you don’t attend your breath it can indicate that you have poor health, leading to diseases like gingivitis and teeth loss.

Now let’s review some really good tips to deal with bad breath:

Brushing your teeth regularly


One of the most common causes of bad breath is the food that gets trapped and forgotten in the mouth. This can lead the plaque to buildup in your teeth, collecting bacteria. To get rid of these, it is simple enough brushing your teeth at least twice a day and using dental floss regularly to keep them extra clean. Just remember to be gentle and careful with your teeth to avoid causing any harm!


Besides doing so, keeping your gums nice and clean can help you a ton to avoid getting bad breath in the first place. Taking care of your gums will keep them healthy, which can also avoid problems like periodontitis.


Rinse using mouthwash


By using mouthwash after brushing your teeth will add that extra protection you are looking for. Try to get some antibacterial mouthwash, besides leaving a fresh minty breath, which feels really nice, it can help you get rid of all the bacteria in the mouth, which can stop bad breath completely. Use mouth wash at least once a day after brushing your teeth

Using tongue scrapers


Have you tried using a tongue scraper before? they’re a curious invention because they are especially designed to apply pressure across the all the surface of the tongue to remove bacteria and food debris. They look funny as hell, but they are equally useful when cleaning your tongue, and in case you don’t have one in your bathroom, you can use your own toothbrush to do the job instead, there are even some models out there that come with a built in tongue scraper, so you should consider getting on of those.

Avoid sweet and sour food


In short terms, sugar attracts bacteria and bacteria leads to the accumulation of acid that wear down your teeth enamel and ergo, causes bad breath. This is why avoiding sweets and sugar can help you avoid bad breath too. By generating a lot of saliva, which is body’s natural response to combat the acids we mentioned above, you should try eating more foods like pears, apples and celery.


And regarding sour foods, you should really avoid garlic and onions, because they are the most common in every meal, besides giving you terrible breath. Especially avoid eating them before social meetings, because brushing your teeth after eating them doesn’t help at all as the cause bad breath it’s related to your traveling directly to the lungs.


Quitting cigarettes


Cigarettes can severely harm your your gums, your teeth, and gift you really bad breath as a bonus. Besides it can cause you ton of nasty diseases such as cancer and periodontitis, these reasons alone should be enough to make you want to reconsider lighting up the next cigarette.

Consult your dentist


If your bad breath still persists no matter what you have done to cure it, you see your dentist as soon as possible. Perhaps the problem is more than just bad hygiene habits and he or she will be the best person evaluate the case and direct the next course of action. And If you are interested in saving money going to the dentist, I strongly recommend Mexico for some dental tourism.


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