I visited Los Algodones for some dental and I tell you all about it

Hello! I’m in such a good mood, I hope you guys are too! I want to tell you guys about a big adventure I went recently with my family to Mexico to get our dental done and let me say that experience was really amazing! Oh my god I would do it all over again so I’m feeling really hype to tell you all about the trip.


I started to become obsessed with Los Algodones, Mexico since my cousins went there for spring break and when they retuned they told me about all the cool stuff there but what really took my attention was about all the dental business, They told me that they god their wisdom teeth removed at such a low price! They saved 70% of what they would have spent back home, I jus t couldn’t believe it!


I needed an orthodontic treatment real bad and as you may know getting one is not cheap at all so if I could get one for much less money it would be great. I talked to my parents about it and they said yes! They wanted to get new dentures and we started planning the trip to Los Algodones.


First we researched all about the place besides of what my cousins told us. We consulted numerous websites to learn about how to get in, where to eat, prizes, etc. There is a lot of information online and most of them pointed out that Los Algodones was really nice and safe, but most of all cheap.


We decided to go in our van and drove like 10 minutes or so southwest from Yuma, AZ and we arrived to the US-Mexico border, it was really short and to get in they didn’t ask us anything but we took our passport with us just in case. Oh, we also parked the van nearby in a parking lot that is really close to the border from the US side.


When we first stepped into Los Algodones it was really crazy. There were a lot of signs saying dental office and dental clinic available, also there is many people that approached us to offer sales and such in dental offices, I understand now why they call it “the dental capital of the world”. We said no thanks and went with the clinic we made an appointment before traveling.


The office is called Dental del Río and it was the same one my cousins went. And just let me say that the place was really modern and really nice, they have comfy sofas in the waiting room, a nice TV and even WiFi! We were attended right away, my parents went first and then it was my turn.


I was impressed by the fact that all their staff talked perfect English, they didn’t have any problem to understand us and to talk to us, so fluent! Even more than most Americans that I know!


The doctor’s name that attended me is Dr. Louisana Espinoza and she was really nice and polite. She made me feel so confortable and was really informative and professional. Regarding my orthodontic the process was really quick and painless. I could tell that this woman was really smart and experienced.


After I was done I talked a bit with her about the treatment and booked my next appointment and that was it. We only stayed like 2 hours or so and end up so happy with the results, certainly the trip was worth it.

Then we were really hungry for some tacos and the smell on the streets was not helping at all. We decided to go to one restaurant nearby and order our food. I forgot the name of the restaurant but the ambient was really family-friendly and most of the costumers were tourist like us, they were enjoying the Mexican music and the food too!


It was the best Mexican food I have eaten in my entire life, and the prices were really nice too! Then it was afternoon already and we crossed de border back to the States. We were really tired but it was all worth it, I’m going back in six months to continue my orthodontic treatment. Cheers!

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