Advantages of the different types of Dental Crowns

Must of the most common materials used in dental crowns are porcelain and ceramic, but the truth is that there is so much out there that can help any patient’s mouth depending on their specific needs. Now days exists many different types of dental crowns that can be used to cover every aspect or scenario depending on its use.


But what type should you choose? Well, your dentist can definitely help you choose the best dental crown suited for you, but it is very important that you know at least some of them to make the decision a little easier.


That is why I am going to present you some of the advantages of the different types of dental crown that you can get.


Stainless steel dental crowns


This type of dental crown serves as a temporary solution to teeth loss. Their sole objective is to protect the tooth while a permanent dental crown is being made from a more resistant material. The stainless steel dental crown is most commonly used in children because they don’t need several dental visits like adults, so they provide more efficiency for their cost than other permanent dental crowns.


They function as a coat that covers the entire tooth and protects it from any form of damage or injury like tooth decay. Then when the child’s primary tooth comes out the stainless steel crown comes out naturally along with the permanent tooth.


Metal dental crowns


We found them usually made form gold alloy, but there exist other alloys like nickel, chromium and palladium. Metal crowns offer an choice due to the fact that they provide superb functionality thanks to their hardness, patient’s can apply enough force to bite and chew like a natural tooth.

Besides they can last a long time, but their main drawback is the unavoidable metallic color, so it’s recommend that patients choose them for their molars as they’re out of sight.


Porcelain fused with metal crowns


Really beautiful and aesthetic, these dental crowns come in colors that can match your teeth, giving you a nice realistic look and feel to it. They are certainly a safe choice, but unfortunately they are a little fragile, so they can chip or break rather easily.

Dental crowns made from resins


Resins dental crowns are the most affordable on this list. What this mean is that their lifespan can be somewhat short if you compare it to all the different types of dental crowns. But this doesn’t mean that they are useless or bad, you just have to take care of them and pay special attention if you want them to last 5 years at minimum.


All-ceramic vs all-porcelain dental crowns


One common misconception is that they are different types of crowns, but in reality they are actually the same thing. Their main advantage is that they provide a natural look, being the best choice for patients that suffer from allergies to other materials like some alloys and metals.

As for their disadvantages, they tend to not be as reliable as other dental crowns, meaning that they can wear down opposing teeth more than the other types, like the metal or resin crowns and thus making them a safe bet for using it for the front teeth.


Temporary vs permanent dental crowns


In first place we have that temporary dental crowns are made of acrylic or stainless steel in your dentist’s office, and permanent crowns are made in a dental laboratory. Temporary crowns can be used only as a temporary solution as we mentioned before until a permanent crown is custom made in a lab, which offer more longevity rather than a quick solution.


Zirconia dental crowns


They are so cool because they can be digitally made using a special software and equipment in a dental lab too. Nowadays you can find that most dental clinics have the knowledge and resources to produce a dental crown in one sitting avoiding unnecessary waiting, like in Los Algodones, Mexico.


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