How to properly whiten your teeth

Having white teeth is a common concern due to the fact that a shining bright smile is not only attractive but a sigh of a healthy mouth. So it is a normal thought to want to whiten your teeth a little bit to look as handsome or pretty as celebrities in movies and magazines.  This will help you to look really attractive and to boost your self-confidence by a ton the next time you look yourself at the mirror or when you smile at someone.

Things to consider before you whitening your teeth


There are some points to review before whitening your teeth if you want the treatment to be successful and satisfactory. The first one is pregnancy, this is a no-no and if you are expecting a baby it is better that you wait to use this treatment.


Other point to consider is age. Teenagers under 16 year old should avoid getting this treatment too because teeth whitening can make the tooth’s nerve over sensitive as they are still enlarged and developing. Whitening the teeth in this case is such a risk, so I suggest waiting a bit too.


Other things to take into account are if you are suffering from certain diseases like gingivitis or dental caries. In case you have some kind of distress or allergies you should consult with your dentist before to decide the best course of action.


So how do I whiten my teeth?


There are many ways to whiten your teeth and many products available in the market. One of them is vital whitening which is one of the most used types of teeth whitening, it consist on a gel made form hydrogen peroxide that is applied directly to the tooth to whiten it.

This method is perfect for people that prefer to do it at home but the truth in that going to a dentists is a the best choice. It’s the safest and you have guarantee that you are going to get the results you want. Besides dentists have a lot of ways to whiten your teeth to more effectively with certified products such as whitening gel and specialized laser technology.


And the process it’s pretty simple, you’ll need 30 minutes to an hour and it can be done in only one session.


Another cool invention for home teeth whitening is these kit boxes that comes with mouthpieces that fit perfectly and apply a whitening gel that you use for a while and your teeth gets really shiny and pretty


Your dentist of course can provide you for better treatments but there are so many options out there that you may want to consider. You can ask your dentist about them too!


One example of these over the counter DIY products that you can find in pharmacies (and really cheap in pharmacies in Los Algodones) is a toothpaste specially made for whitening your teeth. The only catch is that they are less effective than what your denteist can give you, and the treatment is longer


But you have to be careful with those products because they contain so many abrasives agents that remove stains on the teeth that can damage them in the long run.


You can see some examples in the following video:


As I mentioned above, whitening you teeth too much can damage them

permanently because it doesn’t matter what treatment you use if you overdo it will eventually cause harm instead of making you look good.

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Natural toothache remedies you can make in home

You all have experiment the same feeling, having some of the gold ol’ toothache. Feeling a nasty discomfort and an excruciating pain in any tooth has to be one of the worst sensations in the world! Lucky for you, today we have some of the best homemade secret remedies to leave those painful gray days behind.


In most cases, toothache can be causes by some sort of infections in the tooth or decay, which affects the sensitivity of the pulp of the tooth. This can damage our tooth pretty badly and can lead to many other diseases, so it is pretty important that we pay close attention to any symptom and consult with a dentist at the sight of any strange feeling.

Another consideration on the causes of toothaches is the presence of gum disease, tooth fractures, and other sinus infections that result in exploding pain. All these sufferings may need also the help from a professional dentist to restore the tooth affected to relieve the pain. But not in all cases we are going to have an immediate response to make the pain go away.


That is we want you to have these tips and remedies so the next you are suffering from a bad toothache you don’t feel so hopeless and defenseless.

More than a pinch of salt and a glass of water

This homemade recipe it is pretty easy to follow, who doesn’t have salt and water in home?

Mix two teaspoons of salt in a warm glass of water to let it set better on your teeth. Rinse with the mixture a bit inside your mouth like you would do it with a mouthwash, and this will definitely help to reduce the pain and will also clean effectively and disinfect the area at the same time, because the salt will draw out the excess of fluid around the gums a tooth affected.


Another useful trick is to avoid using hot or cold water when using this mixture, since it can provoke a huge shock to your teeth and you will end up making everything worse, so try to be very careful!

Vanilla Ice, Ice T, Ice Cube, if you know what I mean

I know that I mentioned before that you should not use cold water, but with ice it is a completely different story! Use an ice pack to relieve e the pain or swelling in the mouth by applying it on your cheeks to numb the area and toothache!

If you don’t have an ice pack, you can just wrap piece around with a towel and that should do the trick. However,  do not apply cold directly on the tooth of you will see the devil with your own eyes. Man, it really hurt that much!


Using Oil’s Cloves on your teeth and its wonders


There is a chance that might have heard of using the Oil of cloves found in some health food stores. But the one thing you may have not heard is about it can also help you to relieve tooth pain. It will be enough by applying a few drops in a piece of cotton or a q tip to then placing it very carefully to the tooth affected, and voila!.


Other options? Yes please!


Exercising can help to reduce the toothache also, as moving around like jogging, and some light cardio help the body to release hormones like endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers.


Other options include meditating and ultimately using pain killers like ibuprofen and such. Speaking of meds, did you know that pharmacies in Los Algodones have the best prices in meds, including prescription meds? Well, that’s a huge fact! And you may wonder why go all the way to Mexico to purchase meds, but meds are just the tip of the iceberg.

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How to keep your braces clean

I want to take this opportunity to teach you guys and remember you about the importance on keeping your braces clean. As you may know, if you neglect your dental hygiene you are taking your chances to end up with gingivitis or other oral diseases that can lead up to teeth loss or decalcification. And this amaze me, because cleaning your teeth when using braces isn’t that hard at all, it just takes a little patience and dedication to do so.


Although it is understandable that at first when you get your braces on, brushing, flossing and all that jam will probably take 10 or so but as you keep doing it and repeating you’ll get so good at it probably that it will become a matter of seconds!

One of the first things to take in account right after getting braces is to get used to this, brushing and flossing it will be a little difficult due to the fact that the teeth and gums are going to be very sensitive. One simple trick to get through this is to just treat them very gentle and careful. You can even take a break from flossing for the first couple of weeks and wait to the sensitivity to go away.

How often should I clean my braces?


This is a question I get asked a lot by many patients that are new to braces and the answer is pretty easy. I suggest you should to brush your teeth at least twice a day, just as you would normally so without them. Don’t forget to brush them after every meal and to use some dental floss to keep them extra clean.

A huge advice is to keep your braces spotlessly clean is to get the help from some of the best dental products that you can find in the pharmacies in Los Algodones. Located in the US-Mexico border, they have unbeatable prices in dental care products.


And one of these great products is mouth wash. Use it to rinse and get rid of any food debris that occasionally gets stuck between your braces. It will be enough doing a rinse at least once a day and if you need an extra hand you can use a dental pick or a toothbrush but try to be careful when you pick between the wires in each bracket to avoid any damage.


Also you want to use small bits of toothpaste when brushing, this will help you to avoid doing any mess. As for the type of toothpaste, just go with regular toothpaste. Using whitening toothpaste will only clear your exposed teeth and when you get your braces off it will just look funny.


Having the proper brushing technique is a huge ally when cleaning your brace. The correct way to do it is to brush the brackets on each tooth stroking up and down and then side to side to cover the entire surface. Use the circular motion over each tooth to get that extra mile in coverage, especially when brushing the molars, tongue and cheeks.


When using dental floss you will need a lot of practice, because it is no easy task to do at first. Food residues tends to get stuck a lot so you will need to

floss at least twice a day too to ensure everything stays clean and healthy.

Another option if you suck at flossing it’s to use an oral irrigator, by having one in your cleaning repertoire and using it in your routine will be also help your gums immensely. Irrigators don’t cost too much now days and certainly add an extra when it comes to dental hygiene when using braces.


To finish, pay a visit to your dentist at least twice a year to get a regular evaluation and a nice cleaning. This is really important if you want your teeth to look perfectly white and healthy when you finish your braces treatment.


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Learn the usefulness of the Dental Floss

Howdy! Today we are going to learn the importance of using dental floss every day in our lives. We can start by saying that dental floss plays a huge role in the important obligation of keeping our teeth and gums pretty healthy. Besides brushing our teeth, the use of dental floss also helps cleaning between your teeth, allowing you to get rid of the food debris that can accumulate bacteria that damage the teeth in the long run.


Many people wonder how often should they use the dental floss, and the answer is pretty easy, according to the American Dental Association (ADA for short), you should clean between your teeth at least once a day to assure you keep them really clean.

Also it is worth to remember that flossing daily also helps to prevent oral diseases such as gingivitis and cavities, not even mentioning that this also removes the plaque from the teeth,  avoiding that it eventually hardens into calculus or forms tartar.


What Products are recommended for Flossing?


The best thing I can suggest is that you should ask your dentist about what kind of dental hygiene products are the best for your case specifically. Don’t forget that they are experts and professionals on their respective fields, so any opinion that comes from them will definitively be the most effective for you.


Besides that, you should also focus in only purchasing products that contain the ADA Seal of Approval. This will give you enough security that they have been tested carefully for optimal safety and effectiveness, so you can use them blindly and they will complete their job all the way.


In today’s market there are many numbers of options for cleaning between each tooth besides the classic dental floss, such as products like the dental pick, the pre-threaded flosser, and there are also some cute tiny little brushes especially made for reaching between the teeth. Other products are the water flosser and wooden plaque remover, which are so much fun to use and are just as effective for cleaning between the teeth.


If you have any doubt, don’t be shy to ask your dentist how to use them properly, if you don’t use them properly you are risking a chance to injuring your gums. Choose the one that feels the most comfortable using and stick with it to adopt a healthy oral hygiene habit for life, your teeth will thank you later.


So when exactly should you Floss, Before or After Brushing your teeth?


This is one of the most common question patients ask, and surely one that can cause debate between many dentist and specialists. You could say that the dental community is split in half regarding this issue, but the truth is that it really doesn’t matter that much because there isn’t any conclusive studies that pints into the right answer.

One of the key things to take in account for is to floss between the teeth is to get it done. As long as you use dental floss or whatever dental product to clean between each tooth it doesn’t matter when you floss, just pick a time that you have free, it can be at morning or before you go to bed and dedicate couple of minutes to floss your teeth.


So at the end of the day it’s a matter of preference, I like to floss my teeth after I brush my teeth after lunch, it just does feel so nice to clean them at that time, but hey, it’s my opinion. You should choose whatever it works for you, as I mentioned before, the most important thing is to just do it.


As a final tip, remember that cleaning between your teeth should not hurt at all. Avoid doing it too hard or aggressive or you could end up damaging the tissue between your teeth, opening the doors to suffer gingivitis or periodontitis diseases.

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