How to properly whiten your teeth

Having white teeth is a common concern due to the fact that a shining bright smile is not only attractive but a sigh of a healthy mouth. So it is a normal thought to want to whiten your teeth a little bit to look as handsome or pretty as celebrities in movies and magazines.  This will help you to look really attractive and to boost your self-confidence by a ton the next time you look yourself at the mirror or when you smile at someone.

Things to consider before you whitening your teeth


There are some points to review before whitening your teeth if you want the treatment to be successful and satisfactory. The first one is pregnancy, this is a no-no and if you are expecting a baby it is better that you wait to use this treatment.


Other point to consider is age. Teenagers under 16 year old should avoid getting this treatment too because teeth whitening can make the tooth’s nerve over sensitive as they are still enlarged and developing. Whitening the teeth in this case is such a risk, so I suggest waiting a bit too.


Other things to take into account are if you are suffering from certain diseases like gingivitis or dental caries. In case you have some kind of distress or allergies you should consult with your dentist before to decide the best course of action.


So how do I whiten my teeth?


There are many ways to whiten your teeth and many products available in the market. One of them is vital whitening which is one of the most used types of teeth whitening, it consist on a gel made form hydrogen peroxide that is applied directly to the tooth to whiten it.

This method is perfect for people that prefer to do it at home but the truth in that going to a dentists is a the best choice. It’s the safest and you have guarantee that you are going to get the results you want. Besides dentists have a lot of ways to whiten your teeth to more effectively with certified products such as whitening gel and specialized laser technology.


And the process it’s pretty simple, you’ll need 30 minutes to an hour and it can be done in only one session.


Another cool invention for home teeth whitening is these kit boxes that comes with mouthpieces that fit perfectly and apply a whitening gel that you use for a while and your teeth gets really shiny and pretty


Your dentist of course can provide you for better treatments but there are so many options out there that you may want to consider. You can ask your dentist about them too!


One example of these over the counter DIY products that you can find in pharmacies (and really cheap in pharmacies in Los Algodones) is a toothpaste specially made for whitening your teeth. The only catch is that they are less effective than what your denteist can give you, and the treatment is longer


But you have to be careful with those products because they contain so many abrasives agents that remove stains on the teeth that can damage them in the long run.


You can see some examples in the following video:


As I mentioned above, whitening you teeth too much can damage them

permanently because it doesn’t matter what treatment you use if you overdo it will eventually cause harm instead of making you look good.

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